Mzee wa Bwax & Kapaso Bkp Gear Up Yanga for Mamelodi Sundowns Clash

Tanzanian giants Young Africans Sports Club have a new anthem to rally behind, courtesy of singeli stars Mzee wa Bwax and Kapaso Bkp. Their brand new song, titled simply “Yanga,” is a high-energy dedication to the club’s current dominance in the NBC Premier League.

The song isn’t just a celebration of Yanga’s current top spot, though. It’s a battle cry ahead of a crucial match against South African powerhouse Mamelodi Sundowns on March 30th. Mzee wa Bwax and Kapaso Bkp warn the Sundowns that if they underestimate Yanga, they’re in for a goal-fest.

This isn’t the first time Mzee wa Bwax has shown his love for Yanga. Back in 2020, he released his own song “Yanga,” highlighting the team’s fighting spirit. This new collaboration with Kapaso Bkp promises to be even more electrifying, blending Mzee wa Bwax’s established Yanga pride with Kapaso Bkp’s fresh energy and signature singeli sound.

With catchy lyrics and a beat that will have fans dancing in the stands, “Yanga” is sure to be a hit. It’s the perfect song to get Young Africans pumped up for their upcoming clash and serve as a warning to Mamelodi Sundowns: Yanga is here to win, and they won’t go down without a fight.


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