Nandy – Wanibariki: Milele Song of Faith and Hope

Tanzanian singer Nandy released her gospel song “Wanibariki” in 2020 (Nilipo Mie Na Wewe Upo Bwana). The title track, “Wanibariki,” is a powerful song of faith and hope. The lyrics express the singer’s deep trust in God, even in the face of difficult times.

The song begins with the singer declaring that God knows her better than anyone else. She says that she will never stray from Him. God has done good to her and has given her honor. He has made her stand strong.

The singer goes on to say that if she is ever faced with trouble, she will run to God’s sanctuary. She will pour out her soul before Him and tell Him everything that is troubling her.

The chorus of the song is a declaration of God’s blessings. The singer says that God is with her wherever she goes. He blesses her and protects her. She will worship Him forever.

The second verse of the song is a celebration of God’s deliverance. The singer says that there is no more trouble or suffering. God has lifted the curse and given her blessings. Her heart longs for Him and her soul cries out to Him. God has filled her with faith and she clings to His word. He has held her hand and brought her through the difficulties.

The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the message of God’s love and protection.

Wanibariki” is a beautiful and inspiring song that can bring hope to anyone who is facing challenges. It is a reminder that God is always with us, even in the darkest of times.

Here are some of the specific themes that the song explores:

  • Trust in God: The singer expresses her deep trust in God, even when she is facing difficulties. She knows that He is with her and that He will never leave her.
  • God’s blessings: The singer sings of God’s blessings in her life. She has experienced His goodness and His faithfulness.
  • Deliverance: The singer celebrates God’s deliverance from trouble. She is grateful that He has lifted the curse and given her blessings.

“Wanibariki” is a powerful song that can encourage and inspire believers of all backgrounds. It is a reminder that God is always with us, even in the darkest of times. Stream below;

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