Niniola Ignites Dance Floors with Fiery New Single, “Level”

Nigerian Afro-house queen Niniola is back in full force with her electrifying new single, “Level.” This high-energy track is a celebration of ambition and luxury, guaranteed to get you moving and grooving.

“Level”: An Anthem for Ballers

“Level” is a swagger-filled ode to the good life. Niniola‘s powerful vocals soar over a pulsating beat, demanding to know your level – your style, and of course, your net worth. The lyrics are a mix of Yoruba and English, adding a unique flavor to the song:

“Show me your Level / Show me your style / What is your net worth? Eee”

The chorus is an infectious call to party like there’s no tomorrow, with Niniola urging listeners to spend it all and hold her tight:

“Awon baby hold me tight / Gan pa ko le show me tight / Isan werey hold me tight / Double blessings hold me tight”

A Decade of Dominance

Niniola chose a special day for the release of “Level.” It coincides with her 10th anniversary in the music industry—a testament to the enduring power of her music. Fans might notice a visual connection between “Level” and her debut hit, “Ibadi.” She explains, “It is my job to keep you all happy and dancing, & I will never stop doing that…Here is to the next decade.”

Get Ready to Turn it Up

“Level” is produced by the talented duo of Niphkeys and Nektunez. Their expertise shines through, creating a sonic backdrop that is both irresistible and modern.

Niniola’s “Level” is a must-listen for fans of Afro-house, dance music, and strong female artists. It’s a reminder that Niniola remains a force to be reckoned with—and that she’s just getting started.

Where to Find “Level”

You can stream or download “Level” on all major music platforms now. Be sure to check out the music video on YouTube as well!


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