Obby Alpha – Hesabu: Amen Umenibariki Asante, Listen!

Tanzanian gospel singer, Obby Alpha, has released a new song titled “Hesabu” which carries a deeply moving message. The song speaks to the way God can transform a person’s life, even when they feel forgotten or outside of His plan.

Some of the lyrics in the song translate to: “Among those who celebrated birthdays, I wasn’t counted; among those who loved to party, I wasn’t counted. I deserved a punishment of tears, I cried a lot and they didn’t care, I didn’t dress well and I didn’t care.” These lines paint a picture of hardship and the feeling of being overlooked.

However, the song shifts as Obby sings: “Then God the Father came and changed the story. I don’t know why He favors me so much, but I’m grateful. I didn’t even pray the best prayer, but I’m so grateful. He has blessed me, Father, thank you God for remembering me again, AMEN.” This highlights how God intervened to uplift him from his difficult circumstances and offer a new life.

“Hesabu” is a song of hope, telling listeners that God can uplift them even in the toughest situations. It’s a reminder that God has not forgotten them and holds deep love for each person.

The song has been well-received by Obby Alpha‘s fans and the wider community. It has garnered many listens on social media platforms, accompanied by positive feedback.

If you are going through a difficult time, listen to Obby Alpha’s “Hesabu.” It will offer you hope and encouragement.

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