Otile Brown – Wickedi Ft. Nameless: Baby Let Me Love You, Listen!

Are you ready for a love potion of epic proportions? Kenya’s hottest musical duo, Otile Brown and Nameless, have just dropped their new single, “Wickedi,” and it’s sure to leave you breathless and wanting more. This song is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day playlist (or any playlist about love, really!).

A Masterclass in Seduction

“Wickedi” is a sultry masterpiece, a slow-burn R&B track laced with those signature smooth vocals that both Otile Brown and Nameless are renowned for. The lyrics are all about yearning and convincing a special someone to let go of inhibitions and embrace love.

Here’s a snippet to give you a taste:

“Let me love you, let me put that thing around, Baby it’s been a long time I have been waiting, What is the reason which makes you think I’m a player, You should let me love you”

Two Generations, One Unforgettable Sound

The collaboration between Otile Brown and Nameless is thrilling in itself. Nameless is a legendary figure in the Kenyan music industry, and Otile Brown is one of the biggest stars of the current generation. Their combined talent gives “Wickedi” a timeless quality, appealing to both long-time Kenyan music fans and those discovering the scene for the first time.

Where to Get Your Fix

“Wickedi” is out now! You can find it on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, and YouTube. Get ready to immerse yourself in its sweet melodies and get caught up in the infectious rhythm.

Get Hyped

Music lovers all over Kenya are already raving about “Wickedi” on social media. Do you think it has the potential to be the next huge love anthem? Share your reactions with me in the comments below! Let’s spread the word about this amazing new release. Stream below;


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