Poshy Queen Denies Dating DJ Seven Amidst Harmonize Romance

In a recent turn of events, Poshy Queen, the popular figure in the Bongo scene, has taken to her Instagram story to address swirling rumors surrounding her romantic life. The speculations emerged in the wake of her newfound relationship with Harmonize, leading many to question her past connections. Setting the record straight, Poshy Queen has unequivocally stated that she has never been romantically involved with DJ Seven.

Poshy Queen’s Instagram Revelation:

Taking advantage of the direct and immediate platform that social media provides, Poshy Queen used her Instagram story to clarify the nature of her relationship with DJ Seven. In her statement, she emphatically stated, “I have never dated DJ Seven. Let’s set the record straight once and for all.”

Harmonize’s Involvement:

Poshy Queen’s candid clarification comes at a time when she has been romantically linked with Harmonize. While she has chosen to keep certain aspects of her personal life private, she addressed the rumors circulating about her past involvement with DJ Seven, making it clear that such speculations are unfounded.

Dispelling Misconceptions:

Poshy Queen‘s decision to speak out on social media highlights the role that celebrities play in dispelling misconceptions about their personal lives. In an era where rumors spread like wildfire, her direct and public denial serves to reassure her followers and fans about the true nature of her relationships.

Respecting Privacy Amidst Public Scrutiny:

As Poshy Queen navigates her newfound romance with Harmonize, she also emphasizes the importance of respecting her privacy. While public figures often face intense scrutiny, her decision to address the rumors head-on without divulging unnecessary details demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a balance between public and private life.


Poshy Queen’s Instagram revelation has put to rest the rumors surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with DJ Seven. By using her social media platform to address the speculation directly, she not only sets the record straight but also reinforces the significance of separating fact from fiction in the world of celebrity relationships.

As she continues to embrace her new chapter with Harmonize, Poshy Queen remains a prime example of how celebrities can navigate public scrutiny while maintaining a sense of authenticity and control over their narratives.

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