Raybekah – Crazy: Calling Out Player Boys and Lovesick Ladies

Tanzanian songstress Raybekah is back with a bang, dropping a brand new track titled “Crazy” that takes aim at deceitful boys and lovesick girls. The song, filled with catchy lyrics and a danceable beat, is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever been burned in love or witnessed the messy entanglements of others.

The opening line sets the tone: “All the girls are crazy/ They’re crazy.” Raybekah isn’t shying away from calling out the foolishness of both men and women when it comes to love. She warns girls against giving their hearts to boys who will only “break them to pieces,” highlighting the manipulative tactics like sending chats and then deleting them.

But she doesn’t stop there. Raybekah also throws shade at the “girls wey Dey fight for a man that is married,” calling them out for their delusion and unhealthy competition. The message is clear: ladies, know your worth and don’t settle for scraps.

The chorus is an infectious chant that’s sure to get stuck in your head: “These boys are crazy/ If you give them your heart/ Them go break ham to pieces/ These boys are crazy.” It’s a powerful statement that warns against trusting manipulative partners and encourages self-respect.

The song takes a playful turn with the line “Hard guy, do me Nintendo,” referencing the popular video game console. This lighthearted moment is quickly followed by a more serious verse where Raybekah questions the motives of men who objectify women based on their physical appearance. She asks, “Shey na all of the girls be ashana for your eye o?” challenging the perception that all women are available for casual flings.

The message is clear: Raybekah is not here for games. She won’t be used or objectified, and she encourages other women to do the same. The final line, “These boys are crazy,” reinforces the song’s central theme, leaving the listener with a sense of empowerment and caution.

“Crazy” is a bold and unapologetic anthem that speaks to the experiences of many. It’s a song that celebrates self-worth, warns against unhealthy relationships, and encourages both men and women to be honest and respectful in love. With its catchy lyrics, relatable message, and danceable beat, “Crazy” is set to be a major hit for Raybekah. So crank up the volume and get ready to sing along!

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