Rick Ross Hints at New Collab with Diamond Platnumz

East African music fans are buzzing after American rapper Rick Ross teased a potential new collaboration with Diamond Platnumz.

Back in 2017, the two hip-hop heavyweights joined forces on the hit track “Waka Waka,” which celebrated African unity and garnered massive acclaim. Now, Rick Ross has reignited the flames of anticipation.

In a recent Instagram Story video, Ross alongside Belaire CEO Brett Berish discussed upcoming music projects with a focus on Africa. “We want to do a big project, focused on Africa, across 12 different countries,” Ross declared. “We want good producers and bad-ass artists.”

He then name-dropped Diamond Platnumz and Stonebwoy as potential collaborators for this ambitious venture.

The news sent shockwaves of excitement through East African music fans, many of whom believe another Ross-Platnumz song would be nothing short of explosive. While Diamond Platnumz hasn’t officially commented, anticipation continues to build amidst speculation of his involvement.

What to Expect

Several exciting possibilities could arise from this potential collaboration:

  • A song with a powerful message about Africa
  • A fusion of American and East African musical styles
  • A high-quality music video
  • Chart-topping success


The prospect of a new Rick Ross and Diamond Platnumz collaboration has thrilled East African music fans. We expect the track to be a major hit, propelling both artists to even greater heights.

Stay tuned for further developments on this exciting collaboration!

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