Roma Mkatoliki Drops Emotional Rap Anthem “Machozi” ft. Stamina & Mkwawa

Tanzanian rap is in for a heavy dose of emotion with the release of “Machozi” (tears) by Roma Mkatoliki featuring Stamina and Mkwawa. Produced by the ubiquitous SMG, the song finds Roma in a vulnerable state, pouring out his pain over a cheating wife.

The track opens with Roma’s raw verses. He’s abroad, presumably working hard to build a better life, only to discover his woman is entertaining another man. The betrayal cuts deep, with Roma lamenting his situation and expressing suicidal thoughts.

Stamina steps in next, offering a friend’s perspective. He empathizes with Roma’s pain but urges him not to give up. Stamina reminds Roma that a year away is a long time, and his woman, after all, is human.

Mkwawa’s smooth R&B vocals provide the perfect counterpoint to the rappers’ intensity. The chorus adds a layer of heartache that lingers long after the song ends.

“Machozi” is a powerful exploration of love, betrayal, and the toll distance can take on a relationship. With its relatable theme and stellar performances by all three artists, the song is sure to resonate with listeners across Tanzania and beyond.

Look out for “Machozi” on all major streaming platforms!


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