Rotimi – Sade Ft. Mayorkun & Nasty C: No Not Today? A Soulful Love Song

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the latest Afrobeats collaboration, “Sade”. Rotimi, Mayorkun, and Nasty C have joined forces to deliver a track that’s pure fire and destined to be a smash hit!

The Swoon-Worthy Sound

“Sade” is a smooth blend of soulful R&B and infectious Afrobeats rhythms. Rotimi’s vocals are pure magic, dripping with emotion and sincerity as he assures his lady that he’s there for the long haul. Mayorkun adds a vibrant energy with his signature swagger, and Nasty C delivers a scorching verse packed with lyrical prowess.

The Heartfelt Message

This song is more than a catchy tune; it’s a promise of unwavering love and support. The lyrics speak of overcoming past hurt, building trust, and finding a safe haven in your partner:

I know you thought that I would come and break your heart. No not today. No not today

The chorus is where it truly hits home – the need for “a good hugging, good sex, and good loving” emphasizes the importance of both physical and emotional connection.

The Star-Studded Trio

Let’s talk about this dynamic collaboration:

  • Rotimi: The Nigerian-American artist is a major force in music and acting (you might know him from the hit show ‘Power’). His soulful voice is the heart of this track.
  • Mayorkun: This Nigerian superstar brings undeniable charm and a playful edge to “Sade”.
  • Nasty C: The South African rapper adds a powerful punch. His fiery verse highlights the complexity of love and relationships.

Where to Find “Sade”

You won’t want to miss this gem! “Sade” is available on all major streaming platforms. Whether you’re blasting it in the car or dancing with your headphones on, this one’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Check out the music video too, for some added visual vibes.

Let’s Discuss

I’m obsessed with “Sade” and want to hear what you think!

  • What’s your favorite line from the song?
  • Does the song resonate with your own experiences of love?
  • Are you a fan of Rotimi, Mayorkun, or Nasty C’s other music?

Share your thoughts in the comments – let’s keep the conversation about this incredible track going! You can now stream the song below;


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