Samia Queens – Wanawake Moto Video: Hii Dunia Bila Sisi? Watch!

Tanzanian songstress Samia Queens has dropped a powerful new single, “Wanawake Moto” (Women Are Fire), featuring an impressive lineup of the country’s most celebrated female performers.

This isn’t just a song; it’s a movement. “Wanawake Moto” is a heartfelt dedication to all women, recognizing them as the source of strength and resilience that keeps the world going. The song urges women to join forces, keep striving for their dreams, and collectively make the world a better place.

The track boasts a star-studded list of collaborators, including Tanzania’s musical powerhouses Nandy, Zuchu, Lady Jaydee, Mwasiti, Queen Darleen, and many more. Khadija Kopa, Zee Cute, Malkia Karen, Maua Sama, Rosa Ree, Anjella, Abigael Chams, Yammi, Appy, Lulu Diva, Phina, Frida Amani, Linah, Shilole, and Christina Shusho all lend their voices to this empowering anthem.

The collaboration was orchestrated by none other than Jokate Mwegelo, a prominent Tanzanian politician, former Miss Tanzania, and current Secretary General of the Tanzania Women’s Union (UWT). Mwegelo’s involvement underscores the song’s message of unity and the importance of women supporting women.

With its all-female cast and its message of strength and solidarity, “Wanawake Moto” is bound to resonate with women across Tanzania and beyond. The song is a testament to the incredible talent and influence of Tanzanian women in the music industry and beyond.

Keep an eye out for “Wanawake Moto” – it’s a song that will inspire and uplift you!


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