Shakira Takes Top Spot on Global Search for Musicians in 2023

Colombian singer Shakira is the number one most searched musician in the world in 2023, according to a new list from Google.

The list, which ranks people, artists, songs, events, and cultural trends, lists Shakira in first place, followed by American singers Jason Aldean, Joe Jonas, Smash Mouth, and Italian star Peppino di Capri.

Shakira had a successful year in 2023, winning three Latin Grammy Awards and releasing two popular songs, “Acróstico” and “El jefe,” with Fuerza Regida. The latter song, which is about her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, was a commercial success.

Shakira’s popularity is likely due to a combination of factors, including her continued success as a musician, her recent personal life drama, and her global appeal.

Shakira is one of the most successful Latin American artists of all time, with over 80 million records sold worldwide. She has won numerous awards, including three Grammy Awards, 15 Latin Grammy Awards, and a Billboard Music Award.

In 2022, Shakira and Piqué announced their separation after 11 years together. The news was a shock to fans around the world, and it sparked a wave of media attention.

Shakira is a global star with a large following on social media. She has over 70 million followers on Instagram and over 20 million followers on Twitter.

Shakira’s success is a testament to her talent, her resilience, and her global appeal. She is a true icon of Latin music and culture.


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