Shatta Wale – Incoming Ft. Tekno: Lyrics Breakdown & Infectious Vibes!

Nigeria’s music scene just got even hotter! Two of the country’s biggest stars, Shatta Wale and Tekno, have teamed up for their brand new single, “Incoming,” and it’s already buzzing with excitement. This collaboration is guaranteed to be a chart-topper, fusing Shatta Wale’s unique style with Tekno’s signature sound. But what makes this track so special? Let’s dive into the lyrics and explore the infectious vibes that make “Incoming” a must-listen.

Lyrics That Hit You Deep:

The song opens with introspective lines like “All I chase is my peace of mind, E get some things that I don’t subscribe.” This sets the tone for a personal journey, delving into the artists’ struggles and triumphs. Shatta Wale and Tekno effortlessly convey resilience and determination, reflecting on challenges they’ve faced “from a long long time.” Lines like “I know they can see me coming, From afar fire burning” capture their rising success and intense passion. It’s a story of overcoming obstacles and demanding their space in the spotlight.

Chasing Dreams & Overcoming Rainy Days:

“Incoming” is all about the relentless pursuit of success. Lines like “Tell that man make them give me space o” and “Me gun burst fire blaze o” express the urgency and determination to break through barriers. But it’s not just about fame. The mention of “rainy days” acknowledges the tough times and challenges faced on the road to success. Yet, Shatta Wale and Tekno remain steadfast, emphasizing that they’ve been “running for long enough.” They showcase humility and gratitude for the blessings and support they’ve received, making the message even more powerful.

Infectious Vibes & Global Captivation:

The lyrics are just one part of the magic. “Incoming” boasts infectious beats and rhythms that perfectly complement the powerful message. This fusion of Shatta Wale‘s and Tekno’s styles creates a synergy that’s sure to captivate audiences worldwide. With its energy and powerful messages, this collaboration is set to leave a lasting impact on the music scene.

Don’t Miss Out!

“Incoming” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of resilience, gratitude, and chasing dreams. So, crank up the volume and experience the magic for yourself. “Incoming” is available now on all major streaming platforms – give it a listen and join the movement!

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