Shilole: Her Story, Her Music – Biography and Song Guide

In the vibrant world of Tanzanian music, one name shines brightly: Shilole. Born Zena Yusuf Mohammed in 1987, this remarkably talented artist has built an enduring legacy fueled by her powerful music and devoted fans. Her songs explode onto the scene, dominating playlists on Boomplay and becoming online sensations. Shilole’s mastery of R&B, Zouk, and the infectious rhythms of Bongo Fleva has secured her place as a beloved Tanzanian icon.

Her influence extends beyond her chart-topping hits. Shilole is celebrated as the first Tanzanian female artist to reach one million followers on Instagram. More importantly, she’s an inspiration, her music and her life story empowering others, especially young women. She plays a vital role in making the music industry accessible to new female talent in Tanzania.

From Hardship to Triumph

Shilole’s journey hasn’t been easy. Raised by a single mother who tragically passed away, her childhood dream of becoming a pilot was shattered when she became pregnant atthe age of 14. “All my dreams were shattered,” she recalled. Complications in the birth nearly cost her life. Yet, against the odds, Shilole’s spirit remained unbroken.

Though she began singing in 2008, it was the 2013 release of her hit singles “Lawama” and “Dume Dada” that propelled her to stardom. Since then, her rise has been unstoppable, hit after hit solidifying her reputation in the fast-paced Tanzanian music scene.

The Music of Shilole

Shilole’s versatility is a hallmark of her success. Listeners are captivated by her effortless shifts between Bongo Fleva, R&B, and the exhilarating sounds of Zouk. Keep up with her latest music releases on Boomplay!

Shilole’s Legacy

Shilole is more than a musician; her story resonates with countless people in Tanzania. Her music uplifts, and her success as an artist and entrepreneur sets a powerful example. Here are just a few of her most popular songs:

  • Lawama (2013)
  • Dume Dada (2013)
  • Nakomaa na Jiji (2014)
  • Namchuka (2015)
  • Nyang’anyang’a (2016)
  • Kigori (2017)
  • Viuno – ft G Nako (2020)
  • Ukinitekenya – ft Aslay (2019)
  • Pindua Meza (2020)
  • And many more!

Find all of these incredible songs and more when you search for Shilole on Boomplay.

Shilole is a shining example of perseverance and artistry. Her music and her story continue to inspire Tanzanians and music lovers everywhere.


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