Shilole signs Nice Tz, A Talented Young Artist

Tanzanian singer Shilole has signed Nice Tz, a young artist who she met in 2016 and gave a deal with SHISHI FOOD without knowing that he had a great talent for music.

Shilole heard stories that NICE had a great singing voice, so she listened to him and played his music for others. Everyone agreed that he had a lot of potential. Shilole asked fans to support NICE the way they had supported her.

“You held my hand,” she said. “I ask you to hold his hand too. His talent is great, but he can’t reach his full potential without your support.”

Nice has already released his new song, “Fora.” It is available on all platforms.

NICE is a talented young artist with a bright future ahead of him. With Shilole’s guidance and support, he has the potential to become a major star in Tanzania.

Here are some of NICE’s strengths as an artist:

  • His voice is strong and clear.
  • He has a good sense of rhythm.
  • He is a natural performer.

Here are some of the challenges NICE will face as a new artist:

  • He needs to build a fan base.
  • He needs to develop his songwriting skills.
  • He needs to learn how to navigate the music industry.

With hard work and dedication, NICE has the potential to overcome these challenges and become a successful artist.

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