Shilole Unveils “Kisasa” – A Celebration of Modern Womanhood

Tanzanian songstress Shilole has made a thrilling return, this time with a powerful anthem celebrating the modern woman. Her new single, “Kisasa”, features the talents of Barnaba and vividly showcases Shilole’s confidence and contemporary style.

“Kisasa” translates to “modern” or “trendy”. Shilole cleverly uses the song to explain her evolution as a woman–even embracing modern cooking techniques like using gas. It’s a light-hearted and fun track that resonates with her loyal fanbase.

Shilole’s Inspiring Legacy

Zena Yusuf Mohammed, better known as Shilole, was born on December 20, 1987, in Igunga District, Tanzania. She has cemented herself as one of the leading figures in the Bongo Fleva music scene. Specializing in R&B, Zouk, and Bongo Fleva, she boasts a vibrant discography and undeniable stage presence.

Not only is Shilole an accomplished musician, but a pioneer within the Tanzanian music industry. She holds the distinction of being the first female artist in Tanzania to reach one million followers on Instagram and is widely beloved. Her collaborations with major artists such as Mr. Camera (South Africa) and Selebobo (Nigeria) speak volumes about her influence.

A Journey of Resilience and Success

Shilole’s path hasn’t been without challenges. She openly shares that a teenage pregnancy brought early obstacles but emphasizes how those hurdles shaped her into the resilient artist she is today. Her story demonstrates the power of self-belief and dedication in the face of hardship.

Shilole’s Essential Tracks

If you’re a fan of Shilole or are just getting acquainted with her dynamic sound, be sure to check out these hits:

  • Lawama (2013)
  • Dume Dada (2013)
  • Nakomaa na Jiji (2014)
  • Namchuka (2015)
  • Say My Name (2016)
  • Ukinitekenya – ft Aslay (2019)
  • Nikagongee – remix (2019)
  • … and, of course, “Kisasa”!

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