Simi – All I Want: No go Take Me Play Away, Huh! Listen

The incredibly talented Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has gifted us with another gem: “All I Want”. This heartfelt single is a sweet and soulful blend of Afropop rhythms and relatable lyrics expressing a simple yet profound desire – genuine love.

Unpacking the Yearning in “All I Want”

Simi’s sultry vocals open the song with a direct plea: “All I want my love, No go take me play away away”. She’s not asking for extravagant displays of affection; simply honesty and a genuine commitment to the relationship. She emphasizes this with “Though I don’t want too much from you, baby, You better show me that you love me, love me, Just like I love you.”

The playful references to Toronto and chemistry add a layer of fun to the song while referencing a deeper need for connection. Simi even throws in a witty nod to Jidenna’s “Classic Man” with the line “No do me like Jidenna do Erica” – expressing her desire for a love that won’t fade away.

The Heart of the Song

The core message of “All I Want” resonates with anyone who has ever longed for true partnership:

“Say you’ll be there when I call you Hold on to me make I no fall oh Gbe ja mi when dem want to fight me Sun mo mi when Nepa take light”

She wants support, dependability, and someone who’ll have her back. She expresses a healthy need for security in a relationship.

Why We Love “All I Want”

Simi’s song beautifully captures the universal longing for a love that’s real and unwavering. It’s a reminder that true connection isn’t about grand gestures, but about consistency, honesty, and being there for each other. With its infectious beat and Simi’s signature vocal charm, “All I Want” is a track that’ll have you singing and swaying along in no time.

Where to find “All I Want”

Treat yourself to this gem! Find “All I Want” on all major streaming platforms:


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