Suma Mnazaleti – Hapa Ni Wapi ft. Chino Kidd & Gerkey: Hatutafika Mbali? Listen

Tanzanian hip-hop powerhouse Suma Mnazaleti ignites the scene with his latest offering, “Hapa Ni Wapi”. This scorching collaboration with Chino Kidd and Gerkey delivers a powerful message to all those who dared to doubt his journey.

Suma Mnazaleti, a force in East African hip-hop since 2009, is known for his infectious energy and lyrical prowess. His previous hit “Chukua Time” cemented his place as a favorite among fans. “Hapa Ni Wapi” adds another bold anthem to his collection, with lyrics defiantly asking, “Wale waliosema sitafika mbali, hapa ni wapi?” (Those who said I wouldn’t reach far, where are they now?).

Conquering Challenges in “Noma Sana”

Suma Mnazaleti doesn’t shy away from addressing the real struggles that accompany success. On his recent release, “Noma Sana” (loosely translating to “Very Tough”), he offers a candid look at the challenges faced by artists even at the height of their fame. This raw honesty showcases both his vulnerability and his determination to overcome any obstacle.

The Ever-Evolving Sound of Suma Mnazaleti

“Hapa Ni Wapi” is a testament to Suma Mnazaleti‘s artistic growth and his unwavering commitment to delivering music that resonates with his audience. This new track is sure to solidify his reputation as one of Tanzania’s most exciting hip-hop figures.

Where to Find “Hapa Ni Wapi”

Get ready to add “Hapa Ni Wapi” to your playlists! You can find the song on all major music streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Suma Mnazaleti on social media for updates on his music and any exciting upcoming performances.

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