Suma Mnazaleti – Hapa Ni Wapi Video ft. Chino Kidd & Gerkey

East African hip hop fans, get ready! Suma Mnazaleti, the legendary rapper who brought us the massive hit “Chukua Time,” has just released a scorcher of a new single called “Hapa Ni Wapi.” The track features the dynamic talents of Chino Kidd & Gerkey, creating an unstoppable trio of Tanzanian hip hop prowess.

Suma Mnazaleti: A Veteran’s Perspective

Suma Mnazaleti is not just a rapper; he’s a voice with a story to tell. His career, launched in 2009, has made him a recognized musical force across East Africa. With “Hapa Ni Wapi,” he’s branching out further, exploring the complexities and challenges that come with fame. This theme follows a similar vein to his recent release, “Noma Sana,” offering a powerful look behind the curtain of the music industry.

Unpacking “Hapa Ni Wapi”

The title, “Hapa Ni Wapi,” has a questioning energy to it—almost a challenge. Translating roughly to “Where is This Place?”, the song seems to grapple with the disorienting aspects of fame and success. Suma Mnazaleti’s verses, along with the contributions of Chino Kidd & Gerkey, deliver a powerful look into the mind of an artist who’s experienced it all.

Where to Find the Music

You can find “Hapa Ni Wapi” on all major music streaming platforms, like boomplay. Be sure to check out the music video too—a visual representation bound to amplify the track’s message.

Stay Connected to a Legend

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