Susumila – Sianzi Leo: Simalizi Kesho Nipo Nitakuepo Hottest Remix

The Kenyan music scene is heating up with Susumila’s latest fiery drop, “Sianzi Leo Remix!” This energetic remix reimagines an older track and features the vibrant stylings of Happy C. Susumila, the acclaimed rapper and singer from Mombasa, continues to raise the bar in East African music.

Susumila: A Legend in the Making

For those new to Susumila (born Yusuf Kombo), you’re in for a treat. His career started in 1999, and after many collaborations and solo projects, he broke out in 2007 with the bold, socially conscious track, “Duni.” This established him as a powerful voice and skilled lyricist. However, Susumila has evolved his sound with infectious pop-rap that keeps fans hooked.

He seamlessly blends hard-hitting rhymes with catchy melodies, showcasing his incredible range. Some of his notable past collaborations include:

  • “Warembo” featuring Wasafi’s Lavalava
  • “Sonona” featuring Wasafi’s Mbosso

It’s clear that Susumila works incredibly well with other talented artists!

Accolades and Chart-Topping Hits

It’s no surprise that Susumila won “Best Collaboration” at the 2013 Coast Music Awards. Beyond awards, his track record is truly impressive. Let’s talk about a few highlights:

  • Two studio albums – “Ngangari” and “Haki Iko Wapi!”
  • 2021 EP “King is King EP” (Racking up 476,000+ Boomplay streams)
  • His music featured on top Boomplay playlists

Experience the “Sianzi Leo Remix” and More

“Sianzi Leo Remix” promises to be another chart-topping banger, fueled by Susumila‘s signature fire and Happy C’s fresh energy. It’s sure to dominate the airwaves and playlists across Kenya.

But don’t stop there! Dive into Susumila’s rich back catalog. Check out popular hits like:

  • “Hidaya”
  • “Nawaka”
  • “Usiskize”
  • “Sonona” (ft. Mbosso)

Where to Stream

“Sianzi Leo Remix” and all of Susumila’s gems are available to stream and download on your favorite music platforms including Boomplay. Keep an eye out for upcoming live performances and new music projects.

Stay Updated

Don’t miss a beat from this captivating artist, follow Susumila on social media and Boomplay. Be the first to know about new releases, upcoming shows, and all things Susumila!

Are you ready to turn up the volume and experience the magic of “Sianzi Leo Remix”? Let us know in the comments below!


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