Tanzanian Music Legends TNC Debut “Tunaondoka Nae” Music Video

Prepare for a blast from the past with a modern spin! Music icons Juma Nature, Chege, and Temba, now united under the name TNC, have unleashed their brand-new music video for the song “Tunaondoka Nae.”

This highly anticipated release is a feast for fans of classic Bongo Flava. The video is a vibrant celebration of Tanzanian music and culture, showcasing TNC’s undeniable energy and timeless sound.

The Video

Filmed in the bustling streets of Dar es Salaam and directed by the talented Khalifani, the “Tunaondoka Nae” video is a visual treat. It captures the essence of Tanzanian life with its dynamic shots and captivating choreography. The video is exclusively licensed under TNC Musik, ensuring the highest quality experience for fans.

TNC: A Force in Bongo Flava

Juma Nature, Chege, and Temba have been instrumental in shaping the Bongo Flava scene. Their individual and collaborative work has left an indelible mark on Tanzanian music. As TNC, they return to reclaim their place as pioneers of the genre, ready to delight old fans and captivate a new generation.

Get Ready to Groove

The “Tunaondoka Nae” music video is an irresistible invitation to dance. Whether you’re a longtime fan of TNC or a newcomer to Bongo Flava, this video will have you moving to its infectious beat.

Where to Watch

Don’t miss out on this musical event! You can find the “Tunaondoka Nae” music video on YouTube.

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