“Tax Bubu”: Matonya ft. Fid Q’s Song Paints a Picture of Deceptive Love

“Tax Bubu” is a Bongo Flava song crafted by Tanzanian artist Matonya, featuring Fid Q. This track hails from Matonya’s 2009 album “Bongo Kitambo.” The song delves into a lover who lives a life of lies and deception.

The song opens with Matonya expressing his envy for his partner’s apparent material success. He sees his lover driving a luxurious yellow taxi during the day and a white one at night, leading him to believe that they are wealthy and living a comfortable life.

However, Matonya uncovers the truth about his partner. He realizes that they are not as rich as he thought, but instead a taxi driver living a deceptive life. This partner conceals their true occupation by wearing headscarves during the day to hide their identity as a taxi driver.

Matonya feels deeply hurt after learning the truth. He sings sorrowfully about how he was deceived and heartbroken by his partner’s false love. The song highlights how deceiving love can cause immense pain and sadness.

“Tax Bubu” carries a significant message for society. It teaches us to be cautious and discerning about the people we fall in love with. Don’t build love solely on possessions or outward appearances; true love demands sincerity and trustworthiness.

Key Takeaways from the Song:

  • The song uses the metaphor of a “taxi bubu” (a taxi that changes its colors) to symbolize a life filled with lies and deception.
  • It reveals how false love can lead to pain and heartbreak.
  • The song offers a lesson to be mindful and careful about the people we love.

Notable Lines from the Song:

  • “Turns out it’s a ‘taxi bubu’, yellow plates by day, white ones at night”
  • “And I, Tonya, envied him, he clung to me like a tick”
  • “Better I had known sooner that your life is one of the streets”
  • “Trust them, adorn them with riches, swear oaths till death do you part”

Tax Bubu” is a compelling song with a vital message. It shows us the hurt that deceptive love brings while reminding us to be cautious and discerning with those we give our hearts to. Stream below;


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