Timaya – Dey Your Dey: A Vibrant Anthem of Positivity

Timaya, the acclaimed Nigerian music sensation, has once again graced our ears with a scintillating new track, “Dey Your Dey.” Released in the wake of the artist’s consistent success, the song encapsulates a rhythm that is as infectious as its empowering lyrics. Let’s dive into the musical masterpiece that is “Dey Your Dey” and unravel the layers of its lyrics that echo a message of independence and positivity.

Empowering Lyrics:

The lyrics of “Dey Your Dey” are a celebration of individuality and self-confidence. Timaya kicks off the song by asserting his independence, declaring that he speaks his mind and has no time for negativity. The opening lines, “Say what’s on my mind, Me I gat no time, nobody can stop wetin God design,” set the tone for a track that encourages listeners to embrace their authenticity.

The verses beautifully capture Timaya’s carefree spirit, as he professes his love for enjoying life and appreciates the company of confident and positive women. The declaration, “Me I’m not a Pastor me I love the women whine,” adds a touch of humor and affirms Timaya’s unapologetic approach to life.

Positivity and Good Vibes:

“Dey Your Dey” radiates positive energy throughout. The artist emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positivity and steering clear of negative influences. Lines such as “Only positivity, no bad energy” convey a powerful message about cultivating a life filled with good vibes and steering away from unnecessary drama.

Rain as a Metaphor:

The repeated mention of rain in the chorus serves as a metaphor for challenges and negativity. Timaya cleverly uses this natural element to express the desire for negativity to go away, allowing space for joy and playfulness. The chant, “Rain rain go away, Come back and fall another day,” resonates with listeners, encouraging them to brush off negativity and focus on the brighter side of life.

Catchy Hook:

The infectious hook, “Yeah yeah, Dey your deyy, Make I dey my dey,” encapsulates the essence of the song. It’s a call to individuality, urging everyone to mind their business and stay true to themselves. The use of Nigerian Pidgin English adds a local flavor, making the song relatable to a broad audience.


Timaya’s “Dey Your Dey” stands out as more than just a catchy tune; it’s a celebration of independence, self-love, and positivity. The artist’s ability to blend infectious beats with meaningful lyrics showcases his prowess as a musician who not only entertains but also delivers a powerful message.

As the anthem continues to make waves, it’s clear that “Dey Your Dey” is destined to become a timeless favorite for those who appreciate the sweet blend of rhythm and substance in their music. Stream below;


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