TNC Musik – Unajiskiaje: Features Temba, Chege & Juma Nature

Tanzanian music enthusiasts are rejoicing at the return of TNC Musik‘s signature sound with their brand new song “Unajiskiaje” (How Do You Feel?). The recently released track poses tough questions about feelings and emotions in the aftermath of difficult life events.

The song opens with Chege’s captivating voice asking the blunt question, “How do you feel?”. These inquiries touch on diverse subjects including relationship troubles, online drama, and the break-up of TNC Musik itself.

In the first verse, Temba responds to Chege’s inquiries by stating they don’t concern him. He emphasizes that love is private, between two people, and their secrets should remain just that. However, he poses a poignant question back, challenging Chege about spilling the group’s secrets onto the internet.

The song’s chorus repeats the question “Unajiskiaje?”, building excitement and intrigue for the listener. Juma Nature steps in with the third verse, offering a hopeful perspective. He stresses that it’s best to be alive and push forward despite challenges. He squarely blames negativity for creating discord and calls for unity between Temba and Chege.

The track closes with the lingering questions of “How do you feel?”, leaving the listener to ponder their own internal inquiries. “Unajiskiaje” is a powerful song that taps into the listener’s emotions and evokes thoughts about relationships, life’s trials, and forgiveness.

Key Points About the Song:

  • Artists: TNC Musik (Temba, Juma Nature, Chege)
  • Song Title: Unajiskiaje (How Do You Feel?)
  • Music Genre: Bongo Flava
  • Themes: Feelings and emotions following life’s hardships
  • Memorable Lyric: “Yote heri bora uzima tu nishetani tuumuache apite tu” (All is well if we have life, let’s leave negativity behind)

Message to Fans:

“Unajiskiaje” is for anyone who has faced hurdles in life. TNC Musik encourages fans to stay strong and persevere despite hardships. The song provides an opportunity for fans to self-reflect on their own emotional landscape and their connections with others.

Call to Action for Fans

Listen to “Unajiskiaje” today and share your thoughts on social media. How does it make you feel?


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