Tomi Favored & Nathaniel Bassey Release ‘Faithful’

Nigerian-American gospel star Tomi Favored has gifted us with another stunning expression of praise and gratitude with her latest release, “Faithful.” This heartfelt and uplifting single features the legendary Nathaniel Bassey, and its message of God’s enduring faithfulness is set to resonate deeply with listeners of all backgrounds.

A Song of Unwavering Trust

“Faithful” is an anthem built upon the simple, yet profound truth that God’s love and faithfulness extend far beyond our ability to comprehend. The lyrics express an unshakeable trust in God’s presence and care, acknowledging His constancy even in the face of life’s storms and trials:

  • “God You always do exceedingly, abundantly / Above all we can ask or think”
  • “Through the storms and / Through the trials / Through my pains / You’ve been faithful”
  • “You are Faithful / You are Faithful / The most holy King of Glory”

The Power of Collaboration

Tomi Favored’s moving vocals intertwine beautifully with the rich tones of Nathaniel Bassey. Their combined voices offer a sense of spiritual community and uplift the message that we can always rest securely in the faithfulness of God. This collaboration adds a further layer of depth and power to an already inspiring song.

Inspiration and Reflection

“Faithful” isn’t just a song to listen to – it’s a song to experience. It’s a call to:

  • Reflect on God’s faithfulness: Ponder the ways in which God has shown up for you in the past, particularly during difficult times.
  • Deepen your trust: The song is a reminder that even when we can’t see the way forward, God remains steadfast and true.
  • Express gratitude: Let “Faithful” be the soundtrack to a time of praise and thanksgiving for God’s unwavering love and presence in your life.

Where to Find “Faithful”

“Faithful” is likely available on popular streaming platforms, including:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Boomplay

Be sure to search for “Faithful – Tomi Favored ft. Nathaniel Bassey” to find this stirring new addition to your gospel playlist. Stream below;


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