Tommy Flavour – Huku ft. Alikiba & Iyanya: A Seductive New Song

Get those hips swaying because Tanzanian superstars Alikiba and Tommy Flavour, both signed under the Kings Music label, have teamed up with Nigerian sensation Iyanya for their blazing new track, “Huku”! And trust me, this one’s going to be on repeat.

A Cross-Continental Collaboration

“Huku” is a delicious fusion of Bongo Fleva heart and irresistible pop energy. It’s more than a song; it’s a full-on vibe. The lyrics tell a story of a beautiful woman who’s given the ultimate reassurance of love – she can relax and let the good times roll. This is the perfect track to let those inhibitions go out the window and just dance!

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

Not only is this a banger for your headphones, but the lyric video is a must-watch. Shot in the vibrant heart of Dar es Salaam, the visuals perfectly capture the seductive, playful mood of “Huku”.

Behind the Music

This sonic masterpiece was brought to life by:

  • Audio Production: Abbah Process
  • Mixing/Mastering: TheMixKiller
  • Video Production: Director by Wayan & Lashku.
  • Lyric Video Story Direction: Kapasta4REAL

Where to Find Your New Obsession

Get your hands on “Huku” right now! Here’s where to find it:

Stay Connected to the Artists

Want to keep up with all the amazing things these talented artists are putting into the world? Don’t forget to follow them on their digital platforms! You can find links for Alikiba, Tommy Flavour, and Iyanya in the original post body.


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