Tunda Man – Nimekusahau: We Mbwa! A Song About Love & Loss

“Nimekusahau” is a new song by Tanzanian singers Tunda Man and Kayumba. The song is about love, loss, and moving on. It tells the story of a person who has been hurt by their lover and is now trying to forget them.

The song begins with Tunda Man singing about how he used to love his partner. He says that he gave them his heart and they accepted it. However, when his partner realized how much he loved them, they started to take advantage of him. They played with his heart and emotions, and eventually left him.

In the chorus, Tunda Man sings about how he is trying to forget his partner. He says that he wants to go back in time and change things, but he knows that it is not possible. He is now trying to move on with his life and find someone who will truly love him.

Kayumba comes in on the second verse and sings about how she is also trying to forget her partner. She says that she is tired of crying and feeling sorry for herself. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life.

The song ends with Tunda Man and Kayumba singing together about how they are finally free from their toxic relationship. They are no longer afraid to love again, and they are excited to see what the future holds.

Nimekusahau” is a powerful song about the pain of heartbreak and the strength of the human spirit. It is a reminder that even though we may experience pain in our lives, we can always find a way to move on and find happiness again.

Some of the song lyrics include:

  • Natamani siku zirudi nyuma nikumbuke nilipokosea (I wish I could go back in time and remember where I went wrong)
  • Ulinishawishi vipi mpaka moyo nikakupa (How did you convince me to give you my heart?)
  • Nilikupa moyo na wewe ukaupokea (I gave you my heart and you accepted it)
  • Ulipogundua nakupenda sana, ukaanza nipotezea (When you realized how much I loved you, you started to take advantage of me)
  • Nilikupa moyo ukautumia, ukaugaragaza (I gave you my heart and you used it, you threw it away)
  • Nikakupa na mwili ukauchezea na ukauchakaza (I gave you my body and you played with it and you wore it out)
  • Kidogo uniue, umeniacha mwenyewe (You are killing me slowly, you have left me alone)
  • Unaroho mbaya (You have a bad heart)
  • Nimekusahau (I have forgotten you)

The song has been well-received by fans and critics alike. Many people have praised the song’s powerful lyrics and catchy melody.

“Nimekusahau” is a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak. It is a song about the pain of loss, but it is also a song about hope and the power of moving on. Stream below;

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