Tyla’s “Butterflies”: Finding Strength to Walk Away

South African sensation Tyla is back with a brand-new single, “Butterflies,” and it’s a heart-wrenching exploration of the complexities of a harmful relationship. This track comes fresh off her recently released self-titled EP and acts as a prelude to her highly anticipated debut album Tyla.

The Sweet Sting of Love

“Butterflies” opens with a line that encapsulates the dizzying, intoxicating feeling that often accompanies new love: “You give me butterflies”. But as the song progresses, the lyrics unveil the darker side of this relationship. Tyla battles conflicting emotions – the intoxicating highs and the devastating lows that come with loving someone who leaves her trapped in a cycle of deceit and confusion.

The song’s chorus highlights the turmoil:

“Got me falling in the deep end of your disguise Sparred with a hundred lies So I fear this might be my goodbye, ah”

Resilience and Self-Discovery

Despite the pain, Tyla’s lyrics reveal the strength it takes to break free from a toxic situation. She sings:

“I don’t need reparations boy, bye (yeah, yeah) Countin’ blessings by the dozen, ooh, I’m God’s child (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) All it took was dedication to make me fly (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)”

By recognizing her worth and embracing self-love, Tyla finds the courage to walk away.

A Track That Resonates

“Butterflies” is likely to resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced the bittersweet reality of toxic love. The internal struggle between desire and the need to protect oneself reflects a raw and universal experience.

Tyla’s artistry in portraying the whirlwind emotions within “Butterflies” is sure to solidify her place as a voice for those navigating complex relationships. The track is powerful, poignant, and a reminder of the strength we all possess.

Where to Listen

“Butterflies” is included on the EP Tyla and is available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to catch it and be on the lookout for Tyla’s debut album in March!


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