Vanessa Mdee Unleashes “Cash Madame” – A Fierce Anthem of Independence

Tanzanian superstar Vanessa Mdee is back with another fiery anthem that’s set to take East Africa by storm. “Cash Madame” is a bold declaration of female independence, financial savvy, and a demand for respect.

Who is this Cash Madame?

Vanessa Mdee paints a vivid picture of the “Cash Madame”: a woman in control, fresh and clean, and ready to call the shots. The lyrics are a playful mix of Swahili and English:

“Dharau za Pesa mi sitaki Eti mi ni Dada wa Kuparty Naskia nina mengi ma shuga daddy sipigi kazi Niwie radhi”

These words roughly translate to her rejecting those who spread gossip that she parties too much or relies on sugar daddies. She knows her worth and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

The Infectious “Vee Money!” Chant

The chorus is where “Cash Madame” truly shines. With infectious energy and the catchy “Vee Money!” chant, Vanessa Mdee asserts her status as a financial powerhouse. This is a song to blast with your windows down, a reminder that women can be both romantic partners AND their own financial saviors.

Vanessa Mdee: A Tanzanian Icon

Vanessa Mdee‘s influence goes far beyond her music. She’s a fashion icon, an activist, and a former MTV VJ. Her success is a testament to her talent, drive, and her ability to connect with Tanzanians (and music fans worldwide). “Cash Madame” is just the latest addition to an impressive catalog of hits including “Kisela,” “Wet,” and “Bado.”

Get Your “Cash Madame” Fix

Ready to embrace your inner Cash Madame? Find the song on your favorite streaming platform and check out the music video! Vanessa is an artist on the rise, so don’t forget to follow her on social media for updates on new music and projects. Stream below;


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