Vector – If They Are Real ft. Bella Shmurda: Fake Friends vs. Real Support Song

Nigerian artists Vector and Bella Shmurda have teamed up for the release of a deeply reflective and powerful anthem, “If They Are Real.” This thought-provoking track challenges the presence of fake people and the importance of recognizing those who are genuinely in your corner.

Navigating a World of Deception

The song’s lyrics reflect a common struggle within celebrity culture and beyond – the challenge of discerning true friends and supporters amidst a sea of superficiality and hidden agendas. Vector raps, “So many fake people closing in my life oh, but Jah open my eyes” expressing vulnerability and his reliance on a higher power to illuminate genuine relationships.

Overcoming Darkness and Finding Inner Strength

“If They Are Real” delves into the darker side of fame and fortune. Vector candidly references the destructive path that almost derailed him: “I would have tapped into the realm of that which killed Whitney.” Yet, amidst this turmoil, the rapper finds redemption and strength – “I crawled out of my shadows trying to perceive light.” He credits his survival to an inner belief in his own worth and resilience.

The Importance of Real Connections

The song highlights the importance of those who remain steadfast throughout life’s challenges: “God bless the people keeping it real with me/ To the people who saw me do the ordeal with me.” Vector acknowledges those who supported him through turbulent times, emphasizing the value of authentic bonds.

Resilience and Triumph

The chorus reinforces the resolve to discern genuine relationships: “If they’re real, ose ba mi…If they’re real, ose.” It underscores the determination to find and hold onto those who uplift and support. The song’s overarching message emphasizes the triumph of spirit in the face of those who seek to undermine or exploit.

A Call for Reflection

“If They Are Real” extends far beyond the realm of celebrity. It speaks to anyone struggling to navigate relationships and distinguish between genuine support and manipulation. The track serves as a powerful reminder to cherish those who stand by us through thick and thin and to be vigilant against those who seek to take advantage of our vulnerabilities.

Listen and Reflect

I encourage you to listen to “If They Are Real.” Its moving lyrics and raw delivery will undoubtedly resonate with listeners grappling with questions of loyalty, authenticity, and personal strength. Stream below;


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