Vedastus – Bado Nahema Ft. Mathias Walichupa: New Gospel Song

Tanzanian gospel artist Vedastus has teamed up with Mathias Walichupa to release an inspiring new song titled “Bado Nahema” (which translates to “I Still Have Grace”) “Nashindwa Jinsi Namna ya Kusema, Sikustahili Umenitendea wema”. The song’s lyrics center around gratitude and faith in the face of life’s trials.

The Song’s Meaning

The song opens with Vedastus explaining a powerful lesson he’s learned: God knows the end before the beginning. He believes God holds a perfect plan for everyone, even if the path can be difficult at times.

Mathias Walichupa joins with his verse, expressing how God protects and cares for him. He is overwhelmed with gratefulness for God’s grace and protection, declaring “I fail to find the words to express my thanks.”

The song continues with praise for God’s goodness and His guidance through hardships. Vedastus emphasizes that he didn’t deserve God’s blessings, yet God has treated him with overflowing grace.

The Message

“Bado Nahema” inspires listeners to hold onto faith even during adversity. The song reminds us that God has a greater plan, and He will never abandon us.

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The song displays skilled gospel songwriting. It features powerful and meaningful lyrics, and the vocals of Vedastus and Mathias Walichupa harmonize beautifully. The song is set to sweet gospel melodies making it a pleasure to listen to.


“Bado Nahema” is a beautiful gospel song that brings hope and faith to its listeners. The song inspires gratitude towards God for all His blessings, even during challenging times.


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