Victor AD – Eye Clear ft. Bella Shmurda: A Motivational Anthem, Listen!

Nigerian music fans, get ready to have your hustle mindset recharged! Victor AD, the talented singer and songwriter behind the hit track “Wetin We Gain”, has teamed up with the street-hop sensation Bella Shmurda for a brand new single that’s all about the grind. The song is titled “Eye Clear”, and it’s sure to become a street anthem.

The Reality of the Money Chase

“Eye Clear” paints a vivid picture of the relentless pursuit of financial success that many of us can relate to. The lyrics speak to the ups and downs we all experience:

“Some days I smile, some days I cry Both days money na the reason why”

Victor AD acknowledges that there are days of joy and days of struggle, but the motivation for pushing through remains the same – the desire for financial stability. It’s a raw and honest portrayal of a shared experience.

The Need to Stay Focused

The song also addresses those moments when focus is essential, and distractions must be avoided:

“Na only me know wetin I go through Brother, no reason am if I ghost you”

We all need times of intense focus to push through challenges and achieve our goals. “Eye Clear” recognizes those moments and the potential need to temporarily pull away from social distractions to handle our business.

The Lyrics Hit Hard

The lyrics resonate deeply, hitting that relatable note for anyone chasing their dreams. The raw emotion in Bella Shmurda’s delivery reinforces the message: get that money!

“The problem na money, solution na money Para dey body, gbe BTC kan mi”

Listen and Get Inspired

“Eye Clear” is more than just a catchy tune. It’s a motivational soundtrack for anyone working tirelessly to build a better future. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone in the struggle and that staying focused on our financial goals is key to achieving success.

You can find “Eye Clear” on all major streaming platforms. Give it a listen and let the hustle anthem fuel your determination!


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