Vijana Barubaru – Sasa Hivi: Nakupenda Sahii Kesho Yetu Usifananishe na Jana! Listen

Vijana Barubaru, the Kenyan music crew everyone’s talking about, just dropped a love song for the ages, and they’ve brought Ashley Music along for the ride. The track, “Sasa Hivi” (which means “Right Now”) is about that rush of love where you can’t imagine a life without the one you’re hooked on. It’s pure vibes, and just right for Valentine’s Day season!

Love, PDA, and Sharing Boxers?

If you’re into cheesy lyrics about wanting to see your boo’s name saved with a heart emoji – or the idea of getting bold about PDA now that things are official (“PDA bila uwoga juu licence ni pete”) – this song has you covered. And yes, they actually sing about buying boxers to share! It’s the kind of humor that melts right into the sweetness of wanting your lover to just move in already.

“Sasa Hivi” Goes Deep On Commitment

The song gets extra real too. Think promises about carrying out their lover’s name even through hardship, of loving their partner flaws and all (“Ukipigana na dunia, i’ll be fighting by your side”). No playing games with those feelings here! That line about cooking, cleaning up food spills, and wanting everyone to know them as a family? Too wholesome!

The Perfect Mix of Sweet and Sassy

“Sasa Hivi” has this mix of cheeky playfulness with heartfelt promises. It’s upbeat, instantly hummable, and feels genuine throughout. Whether you’re in that deep stage of loving everything about a new partner or just love a love song, this one has something to offer.

Song Breakdown (Because I Can’t Get Enough!)

Want to understand all the Kiswahili lyrics? I’ve got you! Here’s my favorite bits broken down:

  • “I’ll buy some boxers, you can share with me”: It’s about simple intimacy!
  • “Kifunguu nkutolee copy usizubae kwa gate” (I’ll give you your own key, don’t wait at the gate): No more awkward moments, your place is their place.
  • “Ntakupenda sahii na ka si sahii…” (I’ll love you now, even if not perfectly): Love is about acceptance too.

Where To Find “Sasa Hivi”

Want it stuck in your head? Of course you do! Here’s the links:

Vijana Barubaru keep crushing it, and if you’re not on board yet, this song will get you there. Go check it out, fall a little in love, and then share this with your favorite ‘ship obsessed friend!


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