Willy Paul – Keroro: Anapendaga Kirero, An Afrobeat Anthem

Calling all party people, Kenya! Buckle up, ’cause the dance floor is about to erupt. The one and only king of Afrobeat, Willy Paul, is back with a brand new banger, “Keroro,” and it’s hotter than a volcanic groove!

Move over, worries, ’cause “Keroro” is here to chase them away. This track is pure good vibes, infectious energy, and beats that’ll make you wanna move like nobody’s watching. Forget the stress, forget the drama, just lose yourself in the music.

But “Keroro” isn’t just another song. It’s a return to form for Willy Paul, who has been experimenting with different sounds in recent years. With “Keroro,” he goes back to his roots, delivering the signature Afrobeat sound that made him a household name across Africa.

Here’s what we know so far about “Keroro”:

  • It’s got a catchy hook: The short snippets Willy Paul has shared online feature a melody that’s impossible to get out of your head. Expect “Keroro” to be stuck on repeat for days!
  • It’s got dancefloor potential: Willy Paul knows how to get a party started, and “Keroro” is no exception. This song is guaranteed to get your body moving and your heart racing.

Whether you’re a die-hard Willy Paul fan or just looking for a new song to add to your playlist, “Keroro” is definitely one to watch out for. Get ready to experience the infectious energy and captivating sound that only Willy Paul can deliver.

With “Keroro,” Willy Paul is ready to reclaim his throne as the king of Afrobeat. Are you ready to dance along? Stream below;

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