Wyse Tz – Sikukuu: Bora Nikose Mchumba Sio Pilau, A Song for The Holiday

Wyse Tz, a fast-rising Tanzanian singer, has released a new amapiano song called “Sikukuu.” The song, which is in Swahili, is about the upcoming Christmas holiday.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a single man who is feeling lonely and anxious about the holidays. He is worried about where he will eat pilau, a traditional Tanzanian Christmas dish. He also doesn’t have much money, so he is afraid that he will be left out of the festivities.

The song’s chorus is a plea for acceptance and companionship. Wyse sings, “I’m single, I don’t even have a girlfriend. I don’t have any money. I’m worried about where I’ll eat pilau. Don’t leave me out.”

The song’s message is one of hope and inclusion. Wyse is inviting everyone to celebrate the holidays together, regardless of their relationship status or financial situation. Read the song lyrics below;

bani music
sikukuu, imekaribia
nahivinimo mpweke ,sina wakuni pikia
mwezenu niko single, sina hata dear
kiji search mfukoni minakosa hata mia
jamani nina wasi wasiii,imeshafika Christmasy
pilau nitakula wapi??msinitenge mara fikii
nanilio wakosea muni samee,mukipika qenu msini nyime
hizo pombe beer wote tunywe
natukeshe ady usiku wama name
bora Niko mchumba sio pilau,sio pilau siopilau
bora nikose babe sio pilau sio pilau sio pilau
nataka tucheze wote tukule wote tulewe wote mpaka asubui
nataka tuimbe wote tukule wote tulewe wote mpaka asubui
musifunge milango mana nita fata harufu
tena nita beba na bango,nitakula qakila mtu
jamani nina wasiwasi ,imeshafika chistimasyy
pilaunitakula wapii,musinitenge marafikii
nanilowakosea munisamee,ukipika qenu msini nyime
hizo pombe beer wote tunywe,ndio tukeshe hadyi usiku wama nane

“Sikukuu” is a catchy and upbeat song that is sure to get listeners in the festive spirit. The song’s amapiano beat is danceable and infectious, and Wyse’s vocals are smooth and soulful.

The song has already been a hit on TikTok, where it has been used in over 1 million videos. It is also quickly climbing the charts in Tanzania.

Sikukuu” is a promising debut for Wyse Tz. The song is a showcase of his talent and potential, and it is sure to help him gain a wider audience.

Here are some of the things that make “Sikukuu” a standout song:

  • The song’s catchy lyrics are relatable and easy to sing along to.
  • The amapiano beat is danceable and infectious.
  • Wyse’s vocals are smooth and soulful.
  • The song’s message of hope and inclusion is timely and important.

If you are looking for a festive song to get you in the holiday spirit, “Sikukuu” is a great choice. Stream below;

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