Xouh – Mganga: A Song About Revenge, Listen!

Tanzanian singer Xouh has released a brand new song called “Mganga.” The song is about a woman who is seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend who has moved on with someone else.

The song’s lyrics are as follows:

  • “Mganga namuona ex wangu anafuraha, yaani icho kitu sijapenda” (I see my ex-boyfriend is happy, I don’t like that)
  • “Aliyefanya niachana naye bado wapo wote wanapenda, hii pia sijapenda” (The person who made me break up with him is still with him, I don’t like that either)
  • “Mganga naomba tumloge ateseke, naomba kama kafara tutoe miguu yake, afe” (Witch doctor, I beg you, make him suffer, I beg you, as a sacrifice, let’s cut off his legs, let him die)
  • “Siwezi kukubali niteseke peke yangu, please Mganga mtoe kafara, amenifanyia mabaya bora na yeye yamkute” (I can’t accept to suffer alone, please witch doctor, let him be the sacrifice, he has done me wrong, let the same happen to him)

The song is a catchy and upbeat Afrobeat track with a strong message about female empowerment. Xouh’s vocals are powerful and emotive, and she delivers the song with conviction.

“Mganga” is sure to be a hit with fans of Tanzanian music and beyond. It’s a powerful song with a message that will resonate with many people.

About Xouh

Xouh is a rising star in the Tanzanian music scene. She is known for her powerful vocals and her catchy songs. Xouh has released several hit singles, including “Mganga,” “Huyu Wa Sasa,” and “Niko Busy.”

Xouh is a talented singer and songwriter, and she is quickly becoming one of the most popular artists in Tanzania. She is sure to have a long and successful career in music. Stream her latest single “Mganga” below;


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