Yeat – As We Speak Ft. Drake: A Banger You Need To Listen Right Now

Hip-hop heads, we’ve got the banger you didn’t know you needed! Get ready because Yeat and Drake just unleashed their explosive new track “As We Speak” to the world. And let me tell you, it’s pure fire.

A Trip Abroad… and Within

“As We Speak” takes us on a whirlwind trip overseas, with Yeat and Drake laying down their verses with “Palermo by the beach” as their backdrop. But before you settle in for a smooth groove, get ready for the track’s introspective edge.

The opening lines hint at a relationship falling apart, with Yeat rapping, “Know it’s weighin’ on your mind, it’s weighin’ as we speak…” The vulnerability here cuts deep, setting the tone for a journey of raw emotions wrapped in an infectious beat.

Drake’s Unmatched Swagger

No Drake feature is complete without his signature swagger and “As We Speak” is no exception. From boasting about his ten-million-dollar payday to tossing out witty one-liners (“Spanish hoes love me, they talk to me like I’m from Latin America”), Drake amps up the bravado like only he can.

Yeat’s Hypnotic Flow

Of course, Yeat holds his own on this track. His verses, with their hypnotic, repetitive hooks, bring a new flavor that balances Drake’s classic rap style. The song’s bridge serves as a mesmerizing transition as we gear up for the final verse where Yeat takes over.

A Song Steeped in Emotion

While the catchy melodies and braggadocio are front and center, “As We Speak” delves into complexities that elevate it beyond the mainstream. It’s a song about lost love, missed opportunities, and those nagging internal struggles. This depth, layered with infectious beats, is what makes it an unmissable release.

The Bottom Line

“As We Speak” is a testament to the dynamic between Yeat and Drake. You’ve got the rising star’s fresh energy, Drake’s iconic style, and an exploration of vulnerability in a genre best known for bravado. Whether you’re a long-time Yeat fan or a Drake stan, this one’s guaranteed to be on repeat.

Mark your calendars and check out “As We Speak” on your favorite streaming platforms now! It’s not to be missed.


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