Yemi Alade ‘Ogini’ Audio: A Holiday Anthem That Shuts It Down

Nigeria’s queen of afrobeat, Yemi Alade, has dropped a brand new banger titled “Ogini,” and it’s setting the dance floor ablaze. Produced by the hitmaker Yung Willis, the song is a vibrant celebration of self-assuredness, good vibes, and, of course, Yemi’s own birthday.

From Double R to PJ, We Dey Shut It Down

The track opens with Yemi and her girls living their best lives, cruising in style and turning every day into a holiday. They’re confident and carefree, owning their spaces from the luxurious double R (who knows what that is, but it sounds fancy!) to the laid-back PJ vibes. They “shut it down” wherever they go, and their infectious energy is impossible to resist.

Olofo Dem Wan Know, But My Suitcase Stays Locked

Nosy onlookers might be curious about what Yemi’s got stashed in her suitcase, but she’s not spilling the tea. Her head is “TOO strong llike Okute,” a mythical warrior known for his resilience and power. So, she keeps her secrets close, Kunta Kunte (tightly locked), and lets her success speak for itself.

Shege Tonight, We Balling Like Jayjay

The chorus explodes with the Yoruba word “shege,” meaning “fierceness” or “excess.” Tonight, Yemi and her crew are bringing the heat, “balling like Jayjay” (living life to the fullest, like a wealthy Nigerian businessman). It’s her birthday, and they’re celebrating in style. No take-away food or second-guessing here – bring the bill, let the music play, and get ready to witness some serious fun.

Ogini? Do Your Thing, But We Dey Here

The word “Ogini” repeats throughout the song, meaning “what is it?” or “what’s up?” It’s a playful challenge to anyone trying to mess with Yemi’s vibe. She’s not interested in drama or negativity. Her message is clear: “Do your thing, but we dey here,” meaning she’s focused on her own crew and their good time.

Crystal Clear Doings, Je Ne M’appelle Pas

The lyrics are a mix of English, Yoruba, and even a dash of French (“Ogini, this one no be je m’appelle”). This linguistic blend reflects Yemi’s global appeal and her ability to connect with fans across cultures. The message, however, is universal: be yourself, own your power, and have a damn good time.

So, crank up the volume, grab your dancing shoes, and let Yemi Alade’s “Ogini” take you on a wild ride. This is a birthday anthem for anyone who wants to celebrate life to the fullest, without apologies or limitations. Ogini? Just get on the dance floor and let the music do the talking!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the vibrant music video for “Ogini,” which perfectly captures the energy and swagger of the song. It’s a visual feast of colorful costumes, energetic dance moves, and Yemi’s infectious smile. This is a song and video that will stay with you long after the last beat drops

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