Zuchu – Ashua Ft. Mbosso: A Swahili’s Steamy Anthem

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Tanzanian singer Zuchu’s 2020 hit single “Ashua” is a celebration of love and passion. The song’s lyrics are full of sensual imagery and metaphors, painting a picture of a couple in the throes of passion.

The song begins with Zuchu greeting her lover, comparing him to a ripe pomegranate and a tender fig. She sings about the sweetness of their love, like olives from paradise. She describes how they make love on the floor, like two snakes wrestling. She says that he calls her “hunnie,” and that he is the third most handsome man in the world.

In the second verse, Zuchu sings about how her love has taken her on a journey from the coast to the mainland. She says that he is the captain of her ship on the road of love. She urges him to enjoy himself, singing “Ashua,” which means “to enjoy.”

The chorus of the song is a repeated refrain of “Ashua.” Zuchu sings this word with passion and intensity, conveying the joy and excitement of her love.

In the third verse, Zuchu sings about how she has waited for her love with patience. She says that she has been rewarded with everything she wanted. She describes how she spices up their love life, feeding him spinach, plumping him up with her curves, and playing with him like a match.

The song ends with Zuchu singing about how her love is so intense that it will make other people jealous. She sings about how they play games together, including “solo” and “zumari,” which are both euphemisms for sex.

Ashua” is a catchy and sensual song that celebrates the beauty of love and passion. Zuchu’s powerful vocals and evocative lyrics create a powerful and unforgettable experience for the listener.

Here are some of the specific lyrics that I found particularly interesting or evocative:

  • “Marhaba Marhaba Habibi / Tunda Komamanga la kupachua” (Welcome, welcome, my love / A pomegranate that is ripe for the picking)
  • “Mahaba Mahaba yanzidi / Kindimu changa chakuchachua” (Love, love is growing / A tender fig that is ripe for the picking)
  • “Tamu zaituni tunda la Peponi nalila (nalila) / Gumu ya sakafuni tunadundishana kipira (kipira)” (The sweetness of olives, a fruit from paradise, I yearn for it / A snake on the floor, we twist and turn together)
  • “Napewa penzi sabuni linalontakasa madhira / Huniita hunnie haiyuni mkali wa tatu bila (bila)” (I am given love like soap that cleanses away all pain / He calls me “hunnie,” the third most handsome man in the world)
  • “Upepo wa Pwani umenipeleka bara / Niongoze usukani kwenye penzi barabara” (The wind from the coast has taken me to the mainland / Guide me at the wheel on the road of love)
  • “Kweli mambo mazuri hayataki haraka ooh / Haraka oohooh mmmnnh” (True, good things don’t come quickly / Quickly oohooh mmmnnh)
  • “Kwa dua nimesubiri nimepewa nilichotaka ooh / Nilichotaka oohooh mmmnnh” (With prayers I have waited, I have been given what I wanted / What I wanted oohooh mmmnnh)
  • “Penzi ninalinogesha (noga) / Nampa mchicha ale (noga)” (I spice up our love (legs) / I feed him spinach (legs))
  • “Vinono vya kunenepesha (noga) / Sambusa ya nyama tele (noga)” (Curves that plump him up (legs) / A meat-filled sambusa (legs))
  • “Kisha namchangamsha (noga) / Namchezea segere (noga) / Mwali kujinengemusha (noga)” (Then I excite him (legs) / I play with him like a match (legs) / A flame that ignites him (legs))
  • “Upepo wa Pwani / Umepeleka bara / Wewe wangu usukani / Kwenye Penzi barabara” (The wind from the coast / Has taken me to the mainland / You are my captain / On the road of love)

I think these lyrics are effective because they are both evocative and relatable. You can stream this love song below;


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