Zuchu – Mwambieni: Mali Yake Ishaliwa, A Song Of Revenge

In her new song “Mwambieni,” Tanzanian singer Zuchu tells the story of a woman who has been wronged by a man. The song is a powerful anthem of empowerment and revenge, as the woman sings about how she has moved on and is now better off without him.

The song begins with the woman describing how the man has come back to her, begging for forgiveness. She sings, “He came to ask me to come back, he returned the greetings, he remembered the past, he missed the sweetness.” However, the woman is not interested in taking him back. She sings, “He left debt, he borrowed money, he is now poor.”

The woman then goes on to describe how she is now in a better place without the man. She sings, “Tell him, tell him, his property has been eaten, let him reduce his campaigns, the seat has been taken.” She also sings, “He is left with nothing, he is in danger, he has come up empty-handed, he is lying down.”

The song ends with the woman singing about how she is now happy and free. She sings, “He thought he had hurt me, he thought he had ruined me, God gave me a cover, which cooled me down and I cooled down.” She also sings, “Ah, love filled me with passion, it poured me with warmth, pity for you, you little one, who rides the ngenderengedere.”

“Mwambieni” is a catchy and empowering song that will resonate with anyone who has ever been wronged by a lover. The song is a reminder that you can move on from a bad relationship and find happiness without the person who hurt you.

The song’s lyrics are also notable for their use of Swahili slang. The phrase “mbe arijojo mbembe” is a playful way of saying “nothing.” The phrase “skoroba bah” is a slang term for “soon.” These slang terms add to the song’s sense of fun and energy.

Mwambieni” is a strong addition to Zuchu’s growing catalog of hits. The song is a powerful anthem of empowerment and revenge that will resonate with listeners around the world. Stream below;

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