Zuchu – Naringa: Sioni Aibu Powerful Statement of Resilience

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has released a new song called “Naringa,” which is a powerful statement of resilience. The song is a response to the criticism and negativity that she has faced throughout her career.

In the song, Zuchu sings about how she does not feel ashamed of her mistakes. She believes that everyone makes mistakes, and that it is a part of life. She also sings about how she is not discouraged by her critics. She knows that she is chosen by God, and that He will protect her.

The song’s lyrics are strong and empowering. They are a reminder that we should not let the opinions of others define us. We should all be proud of who we are, and we should never give up on our dreams.

Here are some of the key lyrics from the song:

  • “Sioni aibu/Kwa kila linalo nifika/Maana kukosea ni wajibu/Mola ameshaa andika/Na sianguukia/Mimi nimechaguliwa”

(I am not ashamed/Of everything that happens to me/Because making mistakes is a duty/God has already written/And I will not be discouraged/I am chosen)

  • “Mnavyotuma viniuwe ndo vinanikuza/Vinanipa ujasiri, na kuwa gado kamili”

(The things you send to kill me are the things that make me grow/They give me courage, and make me a complete woman)

  • “Ukitaka kunidhulumia upite kwake kwanza/Mungu wangu halali anaulinzi mkali”

(If you want to harm me, go through Him first/My God is legitimate, He has strong protection)

  • “Na ndio maana naringa, naringa, naringa/Nalindwa na mungu msinione navimba na vimba na lindwa na mungu”

(That is why I keep on going, going, going/I am protected by God, don’t think I am bragging because I am protected by God)

  • “Na ubaya wa ubinafsi hajaumbiwa nyumbu nyumbu wala mtu mwenye mali kweli mabaya sikosi nayajua mazuri yangu mtayasema nikifa eeh”

(The evil of selfishness was not created for a donkey or a rich person/I do not lack bad things, I know them/You will talk about my good things when I die)

  • “Unaniona na pambana/Kwa tabu na dhoruba nilinde virago vya walimwengu visinifike ng’o utadhani wao hawana”

(You see me fighting/Through difficulties and storms/To protect me from the world’s giants/You would think they don’t have any)

  • “Umewapa vikubwa ili hiki kidogo changu kinawatoa roho eti/Nasianguuki mimi nimechaguliwa aaaah nnaemtegemea hachoki hajawahi kupitiwa”

(You have given them great things, so this little thing of mine is making them lose their minds/I will not be discouraged, I am chosen/Aaah, the one I am relying on does not get tired, He has never been defeated)

Naringa” is a powerful song that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced adversity. It is a reminder that we should never give up on our dreams, no matter what challenges we face. Stream below;