Zuchu – Number One: My Only One, Listen!

Zuchu is one of Tanzania’s most popular young singers, and her latest single, “Number One,” is a testament to her talent. The song is a celebration of love and passion, and it is sure to get you moving.

The song begins with Zuchu singing about the power of love. She says that her heart is full of love, and that she has found the perfect man. She compares him to a baby monkey, and says that he is the right size for her.

The song then takes a more playful turn. Zuchu sings about how she and her lover enjoy spending time together. They dance, they sing, and they make love.

The song ends with Zuchu reaffirming her love for her lover. She says that he is the only one for her, and that she will always love him.

“Number One” is a catchy and upbeat song that is sure to please fans of Tanzanian music. The song is a celebration of love and passion, and it is sure to get you moving.

Here are some of the specific lyrics that highlight the themes of love and passion in the song:

  • “Hausukumi damu moyo unasukuma upendo wangu” (Your heart is not pumping blood, it is pumping my love)
  • “Penzi unalimumunya kibogoyo” (You are sucking my love like a baby monkey)
  • “Nimepata size yangu yani nalioga Soko” (I have found the right size for me, I am bathing in the market)
  • “Rahaa zimefululiza kwako natoka aje hadi bububuuu umepitiliza uko Kwa bibi paje” (The pleasure is flowing from you, I am going from here to there, you have gone too far to the grandmother’s garden)
  • “Tulivuruge karanga chini ya meza kunengua kwang’waru” (Let’s shake the peanuts under the table, let’s dance)
  • “Nikiandae kitanda shuka za maua ua ya Maru” (When I prepare the bed, the sheets are flowers, the flower of Maru)
  • “Kisha tugonge na vyanda Mambo ya kujizimua na value” (Then let’s hit it with the vyanda, things to make you crazy and valuable)
  • “Nifunge upande kanga apo nyuma wee kwarua” (Tie the kanga on the side there behind, you are rubbing)
  • “Oooh baby you my one my one and only eeeeehh my amor” (Oh baby, you are my one and only, eeeeehh my love)

These lyrics are all evocative of the intense emotions of love and passion. They describe the physical and emotional connection between two lovers, and they are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced love.

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