Abigail Chams Shines Bright as Spotify EqualAFRICA Ambassador for December

Get ready for a musical whirlwind, because Tanzania’s own Abigail Chams is taking the world by storm! This young, talented artist has just been named Spotify’s EqualAFRICA ambassador for December, capping off an already incredible year with a prestigious spotlight.

Abigail, known to her fans as Abby, is more than just another pretty face. This multilingual songstress (Swahili, French, and English, no less!) is a true musical powerhouse. She not only belts out captivating vocals but also plays a whopping five instruments: violin, piano, guitar, flute, and drums. Talk about multi-talented!

Abby’s musical journey began at a young age, and her passion for music is undeniable. Her dedication and talent paid off in 2022 when she was nominated for the Emerging Artist award at the Tanzania Music Awards. This year, she soared even higher, signing a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa at the tender age of 19.

Then came the release of her debut EP, aptly titled “5TheEP.” This five-track masterpiece showcases Abby’s versatility and star potential. Featuring collaborations with fellow African artists like Marioo, Rayvanny, Whozu, and Chino Kid, “5TheEP” is a vibrant blend of Afropop goodness that’s sure to get you moving.

But Abby‘s impact goes beyond catchy tunes. She is a shining example of female empowerment in the African music scene. Spotify’s EqualAFRICA program recognizes and champions the work of talented female artists on the continent, and Abby’s selection as the December ambassador is a testament to her undeniable talent and influence.

Being named the EqualAFRICA ambassador means Abby’s music will be featured on prominent Spotify playlists, reaching a wider audience than ever before. This is a huge opportunity for her to connect with fans across the globe and share her music with the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Abigail Chams! Stream “5TheEP” on Spotify, follow her on social media, and let yourself be swept away by her infectious energy and undeniable talent. Remember the name, because Abigail Chams is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s just getting started!

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Let’s all cheer on Abigail Chams as she continues to shine bright on the global music scene!

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