Madee’s Song ‘Nakojoa Pazuri’ Banned for Sexually Suggestive Content

The Tanzanian Arts Council (BASATA) has banned a new song by rapper Madee, titled “Nakojoa Pazuri,” for violating BASATA’s 2018 regulations and the 2023 guidelines for upholding moral values in artistic works.

The song, which was released on December 13, 2023, was found to contain sexually suggestive content that is considered to be inappropriate for public consumption. In the song, Madee sings about his sexual prowess and his ability to satisfy women.

BASATA said that it was clear that Madee had intended to violate the regulations and guidelines. The council therefore ordered Madee to remove the song from social media and other digital platforms, and to stop performing it anywhere.

BASATA also asked the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to ban the song from being played on the radio and television. Madee was fined TZS 3 million (about $1,500) for the violation, and he is not allowed to engage in any artistic activities until he pays the fine.

The producer of the song, Mr. T Touchez, was also fined TZS 1 million, and the person who uploaded the song to social media and digital platforms was fined TZS 1 million.

The banning of Madee’s song “Nakojoa Pazuri” has sparked a debate in Tanzania about the role of government censorship in the arts. Some people believe that BASATA is right to ban songs that contain sexually suggestive content, while others argue that the council is being too restrictive.

BASATA has defended its decision, saying that it is necessary to protect the public from harmful content. The council said that it will continue to monitor artistic works to ensure that they comply with the regulations and guidelines.

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