Ali Gatie – Nobody Like Us: A Love Song for the Defiant

Iraqi-Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Gatie has done it again. His latest single, “Nobody Like Us,” taken from his recent album “all the things i wish i said,” is another deeply emotional exploration of love in all its forms.

Love Isn’t Always Easy

“Nobody Like Us” is raw, honest, and defiant. Gatie acknowledges that love isn’t always a fairytale. He sings:

“Some people fall in love in a couple of weeks Some people break up ’cause their love’s not real Some people break trust and think it’s not that deep Lot of people in love, but nobody like us”

These lines highlight that relationships are complex, messy, and even painful. Yet, amidst these challenges, true love perseveres.

Soulmates and Unconditional Love

The heart of this song is about finding the one person who makes it all worth it—a soulmate. Gatie doesn’t shy away from the vulnerability of this idea:

“You’re my soulmate, if soulmates even exist Now I know they exist”

This is a powerful declaration of love that goes beyond the surface, speaking to a deep connection that defies explanation.

Outsiders Can’t Understand

Gatie touches on how unconventional love is often judged. He acknowledges that people might misunderstand his relationship:

“They think we’re toxic ‘cause they never understood it They think that love like us is only in the movies”

Gatie doesn’t let the criticism get to him, instead celebrating his unique love story.

“Nobody Like Us” – A Celebration

“Nobody Like Us” is ultimately a defiant celebration of a love that has endured. It’s a song about the transformative power of discovering someone who sees, loves, and accepts you, flaws and all.

Listen and Connect!

If you’re a fan of raw, genuine love songs, you need to hear “Nobody Like Us” from Ali Gatie’s album “all the things i wish i said.” You can find it on popular streaming platforms.


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