Asake – Only Me: We Get Money Money Self-Assured Anthem

Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Asake is back with another banger! His latest release, “Only Me,” is a powerful statement of self-assurance, ambition, and unwavering focus. This track is perfect for anyone who’s ready to chase their dreams and let nothing stand in their way.

“Only Me”: A Celebration of Hustle and Success

“Only Me” kicks off with the catchy refrain, “We get money money, we get money.” Asake’s repetition of this line sets the tone for the song, emphasizing the relentless pursuit of financial success. He’s put in the work, and now he’s ready to reap the rewards.

The lyrics paint a picture of unwavering determination: “Automatic, ko si traffic. You know I dey my lane.” Asake compares his journey to smooth-flowing traffic on an open road. He’s not about to let distractions or obstacles slow him down.

Swagger and Style

Asake exudes confidence in “Only Me”. He declares, “I’m classy jor, omo I’m classy.” His style and presence are undeniable, and he’s not afraid to own it. The line “O le buga mi, omo iya mi” further reinforces this, humorously warning others not to try and copy his swagger.

The Price of Success

While celebrating his achievements, Asake also acknowledges the challenges that come with success. The line “Na why dem wan use love kill me” suggests that newfound fame and fortune can sometimes attract disingenuous attention. However, he’s determined to stay true to himself.

The Essence of “Only Me”

Ultimately, “Only Me” is a song about embracing self-reliance and believing in your ability to create your own destiny. Asake reminds us that the road to success is paved with hard work and a refusal to compromise on our goals. With lines like “Ori mi, eleda ma sun ori,” he acknowledges his resilience and a sense of guidance.

Get Ready to Be Inspired

Asake’s “Only Me” is a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and anyone who needs a boost of motivation. Its infectious energy and message of self-empowerment will have you feeling like you can take on the world.

Where to find “Only Me”

Get ready to add “Only Me” to your playlists; it’s available on all major streaming platforms.


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