Ruger – Romeo Must Die Video ft. Bnxn: Out Now, Don’t Miss It!

The heat keeps rising! Mere hours after dropping their fiery collaboration “Romeo Must Die”, Ruger and Bnxn (formerly Buju) have blessed us with the official music video, and it’s everything we hoped for.

The Swagger, The Vibes, The Message

The “Romeo Must Die” video packs a punch, visually matching the track’s energy. Ruger and Bnxn ooze confidence, surrounded by beautiful women (“Golibe for my right…Yetunde for my left”) and flaunting their success. But the visuals also hint at the darker side of the lyrics.

Breaking Down the Lyrics

Lines like “E bo ko lo many many kilometers…e so f’awon ota mi mo shin ri anu gba” (roughly translating to “Look how far I’ve come…my enemies are shocked”) show Ruger celebrating his triumphs despite the haters. The repeated question “shey Emi Romeo must die?” (Must I die like Romeo?) suggests there’s a price to pay for ambition and being in the spotlight.

A Video That Delivers

This video takes “Romeo Must Die” to another level. It’s stylish, full of attitude, and offers a glimpse into the world Ruger and Bnxn envision with their success. Ruger’s promise that “me and Buju we go worry them this year” seems more like a guarantee after seeing this.

Where to Watch

Don’t walk, RUN to check out the “Romeo Must Die” video. It’s a testament to Ruger‘s starpower, Bnxn’s smooth vocals, and their undeniable chemistry as a duo.


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