Balaa Mc – Sauti Ya Kitaa Album

Singeli fans, get ready to turn up the volume! Balaa Mc, the blazing star of Tanzanian street music, has unleashed his explosive new album “Sauti Ya Kitaa” (Voice of the Streets). This 12-track powerhouse is a relentless sonic assault packed with hard-hitting beats and raw, energetic vocals.

“Sauti Ya Kitaa” – The Full Tracklist

  1. Balaa Mc – Chukua Time
  2. Balaa Mc – Mshenzi Yule
  3. Balaa Mc – Kigodoro
  4. Balaa Mc – Jela
  5. Balaa Mc – Mtaftaji
  6. Balaa Mc – Story
  7. Balaa Mc – Shukrani
  8. Balaa Mc – Subra
  9. Balaa Mc – Mapenzi
  10. Balaa Mc – Nimeacha
  11. Balaa Mc – 26 Kipaji
  12. Balaa Mc – Shati Langu

Balaa Mc: Defining the Sound of Singeli

Balaa Mc’s fierce dedication to the singeli genre has made him a key figure in its worldwide rise. His music, signed under the 26 Kipaji Label, embodies the frenetic energy, DIY spirit, and social commentary that make singeli so captivating.

Experience the Fire of “Sauti Ya Kitaa”

Ready to dive headfirst into the world of Tanzanian singeli? Stream “Sauti Ya Kitaa” now on Boomplay and lose yourself in the infectious rhythms.

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Let me know your favorite track from “Sauti Ya Kitaa” in the comments!


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