Bella Kombo Smells the Victory: New Gospel Hit “Kanaani” Released!

Tanzanian gospel powerhouse Bella Kombo is back with a brand new song, and it’s a guaranteed praise-lifter! “Kanaani” features the rich vocals of Paul Clement, and together they create a sonic experience that will have you dancing and shouting thanks to the Almighty.

The song is an explosion of gratitude, with Bella showering God with praise for his immense blessings. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture: Bella sings about “hearing a smell of honey,” a metaphor for the sweetness of God’s favor. She also declares that she can “hear the noises of winning,” suggesting that victory is on the horizon for those who trust in God. And of course, the title itself, “Kanaani,” is a reference to the Promised Land, a place of abundance and peace.

Whether you’re going through a tough time or simply want to sing praises for all that God has done, “Kanaani” is the perfect song to uplift your spirit. Bella Kombo and Paul Clement weave together their talents to create a powerful and infectious melody that will stay with you long after the last note has faded.

So get ready to raise your voices and give thanks! “Kanaani” is sure to become a staple in gospel playlists everywhere. Be sure to stream or download the song today and experience the joy of Bella Kombo’s musical ministry!


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