Zuchu – Sukari: Sugar Sukari Nampatia, A Sweet and Sultry Ode to Love

Zuchu, the Tanzanian singer and WCB signed artist, released her hit song “Sukari” in 2021. The song quickly became a sensation, reaching number one on the Tanzanian charts and racking up millions of views on YouTube.

The song’s lyrics are a playful and seductive exploration of love and desire. In the song, Zuchu sings about a lover who is so sweet and irresistible that she can’t help but give in to his charms.

The song begins with Zuchu describing how her lover’s touch is like a drug. She can’t get enough of him, and she’s afraid of what will happen if she gives him too much of herself.

She sings,

“Eti nimemlambisha
Ananiambia chombeza
Tena nikiizidisha
Ananiambia koleza”

Zuchu is torn between her desire for her lover and her fear of losing control. She knows that if she gives him too much of herself, she could get hurt. But she can’t help herself – she’s addicted to his sweetness.

She sings,

“Nikitaka kusitisha
Ananiambia ongeza (Ongeza)
Japo imedhibitishwa Ila itampoteza”

In English, this translates to:

“If I want to stop He tells me to add more Even though it’s been checked It will lose him”

In the end, Zuchu gives in to her lover’s demands. She sings, “Aii sukari (Nampatia) Ah sugar sukari (Nampatia) Sukari (Nampatia) Ah sugar sukari (Nampatia)”

In English, this translates to:

“Oh sugar (I’ll give it to him) Ah sugar sugar (I’ll give it to him) Sugar (I’ll give it to him) Ah sugar sugar (I’ll give it to him)”

The song “Sukari” is a celebration of love and desire, and it’s sure to get you moving. With its catchy melody and sultry lyrics, “Sukari” is a hit that will stay with you long after you’ve heard it. Stream below;


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